Whiteman LumberThe Whiteman Lumber Company was established in 1928 by Harry H. Whiteman. Whiteman Lumber is the oldest continuosly operating sawmill in Idaho. The emergent lumber supplier was financed through the Sunshine Mining Company, whose intention was to secure a steady, reliable source of mining timbers. Whiteman Lumber was owned by the Whiteman family until 1988 when the current owners, Brad and Mary Corkill, purchased the company. Whiteman Lumber continued to supply mining timbers for Sunshine and other Silver Valley mines until the sagging mineral market and environmental regulations all but ended mining in the Silver Valley.


Mining Timbers


Whiteman Lumber was the sole supplier of timbers to the Sunshine Mining Company until the mine was closed in 2001. Currently, we sell to local individual contractors and the remaining two silver mines, as well as supplying material to individuals, timber framers, contractors, wholesalers, and the industrial market.




Uncut LogsOur supply consists almost exclusively of large logs from local mills, which are incapable of milling the large stock. Our unique capability to mill these large logs allows us to supply rough 24 x 24 timbers in lengths up to 34 feet. We use a traditional circle saw system which imparts a distinct look to our rough timbers, one that is requested by many of our customers. We are capable of milling large finished timbers as well; 14 x 20 to lengths of 34 feet. We are proud to continue the tradition of Whiteman Lumber as a local, family owned mill. As an integral part of the Silver Valley community we are dedicated to providing building material in a managed sustainable fashion by supporting several industry associations and guilds.

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